I heard a wealthy Xiaoyu fortune history, it seems simple but not by accident.
It is a kind of innovation, the traditional process innovation to lay out a bright future. Innovation is the inexhaustible power of mankind, the rut of history turned the economy of time, countless things were created, given new students, there are countless old things to be eliminated, abandoned by the times. Innovation, just as the evolution of species, just as the industrial revolution, just as the frequent replacement of information products, the world is too normal phenomenon. Extremes meet, counterfeit products is a tool to combat cutting-edge. Then eventually become a Regal Xiaoyu, what is the situation to reverse it?
Answer: one for the innovation is the second choice is also.
The so-called innovation, the rise of Kohane industry, because of the process of innovation; and the key to reversing the universe, is its own positioning, industrial structure innovation. By experimenting with patents, a new industry is born; and by regulating the market for the people who want to divide the cake, it promotes the collective development of the industry and builds its reputation.
The so-called trade-offs, imagine, if Kohane only focus on immediate interests, but also can think of to give up arbitrariness, open technology, industry regulation through the macro industry rules to achieve wealth? He abandoned the authenticity of the patent and the dictatorship, the harvest of fame, wealth and the perfect leader of the transformation by the technology.
Want to succeed, there must be the courage to break the eggs from the inside, to learn to innovate, bid farewell to rest on its laurels. From the original grass, one-year-old dry-wing, this is the law of the natural world; closed-door policy and reform and opening up, which is the lesson of history ... ... All these are not described in detail.
Want to succeed, but also the courage to choose the courage, decisive to take the initiative to attack and cowardly stick to escape are two different tracks. There are right and wrong, but the opportunity left to prepare people, the passive side, there is no choice of success and failure of the right. A winner, when his master, for their own will, there must be when the decision. There is a must have, fish and bear's paw, the two can not have both.
Words in short, dare to create a world of homes, that is Koyo such a person's success it.

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